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On-Site NFPA 1582 Firefighter Medical Exams
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The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department includes nearly 40 separate stations and work locations, and over 900 members are involved in the Wellness program. SiteMed set up at various locations throughout our organization so to minimize travel time and downtime for our units. 

SiteMed personnel performed their duties in a professional and customer service oriented fashion. They are always willing to accommodate our members’ work schedule. 

A few members were identified as having more serious medical condition……I believe that SiteMed can be credited with saving the lives of several members from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. 

​Chad Jones
Deputy Chief 
Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, Georgia


The Town of Apex Fire Department utilizes SiteMed for our annual department physicals. Their staff handled themselves in a very professional manner explaining every test thoroughly. The fire department personnel was pleased with the annual physical and we received very positive comments as to how thorough both the SiteMed staff and physician were during the individual physicals. 

I will have to say that the SiteMed physical 
is pursuant to current NFPA performance standards 
and we’re pleased with the services received.

Mark Haraway
Fire Chief
Town of Apex, North Carolina


Health and safety of firefighters is a major concern for the Chief Officer. We, as a fire service, have come a 
long way over the last couple of decades to ensure the health and wellness of our firefighters. Utilizing the 
NFPA standard allows our department to fulfill our obligations to the firefighters and SiteMed provides that standard. 

SiteMed has provided us with a quality and affordable service since 2008. The staff at SiteMed has always been courteous and professional in their evaluations of our personnel. The administrative staff responds to our questions in a prompt manner and provides suggestions that would improve our personnel's health.  

Dr. Fernandez and his staff have been a valuable asset to our Health and Safety program and we look forward to continue using them as our department’s physician.

Ronnie Early
Fire Chief
Wake Forest Fire Department, North Carolina


Sitemed has been a pleasure to work with as Piedmont Park Fire District takes the health and fitness of our personnel to be one of the top core components to the safety of our firefighters. 

Sitemed has proven to me that service is important by being available to answer all of our questions and meeting our needs. Being able to speak with a Doctor with one phone call was a plus when we needed him. 

Thank you for your service and we look forward to work with you for many years to come!

Travis Cone
Assistant Fire Chief
Piedmont Park Fire District
Greenville, South Carolina 


I have had many companies to our fire department to give us physicals in the 23 years I have been a fireman. Your group from SiteMed came out and gave the best physical you could ask for. The team you had was very friendly and professional. They tested us on things that no other company has ever done.

Ed Brantley
Assistant Chief 
Western Wake Forest Fire & Rescue, North Carolina
Estero Fire Rescue has been using SiteMed for our employee physicals since 2017. SiteMed not only provides us with comprehensive firefighter physicals, but also is medically engaged with our department throughout the year with return-to-work issues and personal health related questions from the firefighters. This year-round access to physicians, who understand the physiological and psychological demands of our profession, is essential for keeping our department safe and healthy. 

Todd Coulter
Division Chief of Health and Safety
Estero Fire Rescue, Florida


"After my SiteMed exam and thyroid ultrasound testing, I followed up with my ENT and had a biopsy. I was diagnosed with a 75% chance of papillary thyroid cancer. Surgery is scheduled for August 15th. They can't 100% say cancer until after it has been removed and looked at under a microscope but I consider it a save. Thank you for saving my life."

Charles Powers
Deputy Chief 
Pigeon Forge Fire Department, Tennessee 


I hope this note finds you well. the reason that I am writing is to give praise to your staff that assisted with Hickory Fire Department 2023 annual physicals. As always, they were on top of everything and incredibly efficient. It is truly a pleasure to welcome them into our fire department to provide us with medical evaluations. 

Phase 1 was handled by Kiara and Chrissy. those two ladies were upbeat and professional all three days. Many people bragged on them because they barely felt the stick during the blood draws. They were also a pleasure to converse with while they were processing the vials after they were finished. 

Phase 2A was handled by Samantha, Delayne and Wayne. I have worked with Samantha ever since we started with SiteMed. She has always been a pleasure to work with. Those four worked diligently all three days and kept the mood relaxed and professional. They all arrived daily with a positive attitude making it a pleasurable experience. 

Phase 2 B was handled by Delayne, Princess, Rashad and Travis. Delayne did a wonderful job fir her first time being the lead. This was the first time we had anyone from the Georgia office and Rashad and Princess represented your company well. Travis has been here several times and he is always a pleasure to work with. It was good to see Candace again as well. She came up for one day during Phase 2B due to a scheduling conflict. 

Veena was wonderful as well. She was personable, thorough and quick. I had several people tell me that I need to try and get her back every year and I have every intention of requesting her when we schedule our 2024 physicals. I also witnessed her help checking patients in and moving them around all the stations when she did not have anyone to see. 

It was a pleasure getting to know all the new SiteMed employees that came to the Hickory Fire Department. It was also nice to see some of your veterans that have made it to Hickory before. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. You should be proud of your staff for the way they represent SiteMed and ultimately you all as managers. I did not receive one complaint for all nine days that they were here. I look forward to next year with your company. 

Chad Fisher
Deputy Chief - Administration
Hickory Fire Department


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