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On-Site NFPA 1582 Firefighter Medical Exams
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Dedicated To Protecting The Lives of Your Firefighters

​Risks for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other medical conditions vary from firefighter to firefighter, and are based on not only age, but also sex, family history, medical history, weight, and many other factors. Other Health and Wellness Programs ignore this and simply perform the same testing on all firefighters, regardless of these other factors. However, your firefighters are unique individuals, and their medical testing should be as well. 

Our program is targeted to your firefighters by age. A 20 year old firefighter faces significantly different health risks than a 40 year old firefighter. A new fire truck has a different maintenance schedule than one that is 10 years old. Why then do companies do a one size fits all program? The simple answer is lack of experience, and that it is easier and takes much less coordination to perform “one size fits all” testing rather than individualized testing. Unfortunately it is also a waste of resources and time.  SiteMed believes in performing testing based on risk factors, and focuses on doing the right testing on the right firefighters at the right time.

We are the only medical testing program in the United States owned and supervised by experienced Fire Department Doctors who have personally performed and supervised over 80,000 firefighter, police, EMS, HAZMAT and fire brigade exams. Our comprehensive lifesaving screenings encompass health and wellness, fitness, cancer, cardiovascular disease, hearing and mental health screening for each firefighter, along with one-on-one personalized medical counseling.

Our recommendations are based on NFPA 1582, the United States Preventative Task Force, Research on Cancer in Firefighters, current research regarding sudden cardiac death in firefighters and our clinical experiences working with firefighters over the last 18 years.

How do we do this?

        Through the appropriate use of the latest medical technology and testing that are proven         to provide accurate results.

        Imaging studies using the most advanced equipment and interpreted by board         certified radiologists, not the technician performing the exam. This reduces false positives         and potential liability for your department. It also allows comparison to prior studies         which reduces the need for further testing.

        Elimination of redundant and ineffective testing such as multiple and yearly         ultrasounds which reduces cost while increasing the effectiveness of the program.

        Annual online and confidential mental stress assessment tool, addresses firefighter         mental health status.

        Ability to manage firefighter immunizations and immunity testing to make sure         your employees are up to date and protected from various diseases, including hepatitis,         tetanus, measles, etc. We also ensure that appropriate medical documentation is in place         to help protect your department.

        Age appropriate testing specifically designed to address cancer, cardiovascular, and         mental health risks of firefighters across the length of their careers.

        Company owned and run by doctors with over 40 years of combined experience         designing health and wellness programs for fire departments, police departments, EMS         departments, U.S. government and Fortune 500 businesses. 

        Fully customizable blood lab panels, from basic to cutting edge lab testing. 

        One on one review of all medical information with medical professionals specifically         trained to work with firefighters.

        Efficient processes allows for 25-50 firefighters to be seen at your department in an 8         hour day, which minimizes down time for your crews and saves you money.

        State of the art equipment and trained experienced staff. Testing is done under NFPA,         OSHA, NIOSH and CAOHC procedures. We value your firefighter’s privacy and maintain         medical confidentiality throughout the entire testing process. 

The SiteMed Difference

​We are a physician owned company.
Our physicians specialize in NFPA 1582 medical exams. They lecture and write articles on firefighter health and wellness on the local, state and national level. They have personally performed and supervised over 80,000 NFPA 1582 Firefighter, Fire Brigade, EMS and HAZMAT exams. They understand the inherent medical risks firefighters face, and know that a comprehensive NFPA 1582 firefighter evaluation program is the key to keeping firefighters healthy and reducing your department’s health care costs. What does this mean for you? Consistency, Reliability, & Dependability.

Other companies owned by non-physicians will often hire temporary outside doctors who may not have experience with firefighter physicals. We specialize in Occupational Medicine and firefighter exams; this is what we do all day every day. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our program detects and prevents the significant health risks firefighters face.
Firefighters have higher rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mental health issues. The SiteMed program is the only program that addresses these issues head on in a medically appropriate manner. We utilize lab studies and ultrasound studies to screen for cancer. All of our studies are reviewed by board certified physicians which means that your firefighters get quality studies that are interpreted by a doctor not a technician. SiteMed uses coronary calcium scores to screen for cardiovascular disease. These studies are reviewed by a cardiologist and our physicians. Calcium Scores are more accurate for the detection of heart disease than any exercise test done at a fire department. SiteMed offers an online critical stress assessment tool to screen your firefighters for mental health issues. This allows our providers to address these issues before they become a problem.

Our program meets and exceeds the NFPA 1582 Standard.
Other companies and clinics usually only perform portions of an NFPA 1582 exam or perform just an OSHA 1910.156 exam that does not meet the requirements for NFPA 1582. OSHA 1910.156 is commonly referred to as the Fire Brigade Standard, and is meant for companies that have Fire Brigades manned by their employees, not for Fire Departments.
The SiteMed NFPA 1582 medical exam program meets and with optional specialized testing, can exceed all aspects of the NFPA 1582 standard. We work with hundreds of departments, and our program has been effective for large 1000+ member departments as well as small volunteer departments.

We come on-site to you.
We realize yearly exams can be a daunting process. By coming on-site, we are able to perform up to 25-50 exams per day, and can usually perform all your physical exams in a short time period. We perform 4-8 exams per hour, which greatly helps minimize time away from work. Typically, all we need is a conference room and office to perform all of our testing. There is no need to sit and wait at an urgent care, local clinic or hospital, which puts firefighters and trucks out of service for hours at a time. This saves your department time, money and minimizes hassles related to annual physical exams.

We focus on prevention.
The purpose of a good wellness program is to enhance the health of your firefighters. It is not a punitive process. Anyone can issue a clearance letter, but our focus is on preventing disease and improving firefighter health and safety. This starts with a complete NFPA 1582 physical exam and our one-on-one counseling.

We manage medical problems.
If medical issues are discovered, we coordinate with the firefighter and their personal physician to make sure your employee is safe to perform The 13 Essential Job Tasks. We can usually keep your firefighters working during this process until the issue is resolved. We are available 365 days a year to help you manage and mitigate medical issues.

We care about your health.
As a physician owned company, we will customize your physical program to reflect your specific needs. This means that we can include extras not offered by other companies such as cardiac CT scanning, advanced genetic testing for heart disease and advanced cancer screenings.

We use a unique two-phase process.
We come on-site to collect labs several weeks prior to testing. That way when our providers meet with your firefighters they have all the information in front of them including labs and medical history, just like when they see their primary care physician. This means that during their individual one-on-one counseling session; we can make health recommendations individualized to each person at the time of the consultation.

Year round access.
What happens after the testing when you have a medical question? With SiteMed, you have year round access to our Doctors for medical consultations. There is no extra charge for this service; it is part of our commitment to your department.

Let us put our experience to work for you. We can design a comprehensive program to fit your budget and needs. Call us at 1-888-837-4819 today for a free no obligation consultation with one of our doctors.